weight lifting

Weight lifting is a popular form of sport in which participants show their caliber by lifting weights. The weight lifters are categorized as per their age and weight, and each participant has to lift certain amount of weight in order to qualify. However, lifting equipment also plays a great role in determining the performance of a weightlifter, and it needs to be serviced regularly to provide maximum support to the participant. Here, we will find out the different types of lifting equipment and the importance of lifting equipment service.


The very first category of equipment used in the field of weight lifting are the weights themselves. These are constructed in the form of steel barbells which weigh at least 20 kg for men and 15 kg for women. Each of these barbells has patterns which are referred to as knurling engraved on their bodies. This specific pattern helps the lifters to get a steady grip on the barbell and also considerably reduces the chances of slipping.

There are specified weights for various categories that are fixed on both ends of the barbells. These specific weights are manufactured out of the steel discs which are coated with rubber in various colors. Some of these weights are made in the form of collars in order to hold these specific steel discs in their perfect place. These collars usually weigh 2.5 kg each. However, all this equipment needs regular lifting equipment service so that it remains safe and functional for the weightlifters.


The overall arena for an event where weightlifting would be performed requires a special type of flooring. The size of this specific arena is made as per the specified international standards and is usually 4 meters by 4 meters. The floor is usually wooden and is necessarily coated with a material that is absolutely non-slippery. These specific standards are being specified in order to ensure that any type of injury to the participants can be avoided. This floor also comes in the category of lifting equipment and needs regular lifting equipment service.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices that are used for the judging of the weightlifting events, displaying scores and monitoring movements are kept handy before any weightlifting competition. The weightlifting event is usually judged by three referees and each of them is provided with an electronic panel signal. As soon as two of the three referees pass identical decisions, a signal is given to the participant for lowering the barbell.

The referee’s activity is again monitored by the jury bench and also an electronic device for determining the accuracy of the referees’ judgment. Weight lifting equipment service is carried out before every weight lifting event in order to ensure that there is no malfunctioning of any of the weight lifting equipment. Also to avoid any unfortunate accident which may injure the participants.


A scoreboard is also displayed during a weight lifting competition. This electronic scoreboard usually displays all the relevant details prominently for the spectators at the venue. An electronic timing clock and an attempted board are set to monitor the performance of each participant.

There is another electronic board that very clearly displays the results and lists and enables the coaches as well as the participants to plan their further strategies. In order to ensure that the lifting equipment continues to work in proper condition always. it is necessary to schedule the lifting equipment service at regular intervals in order to keep them running at their best.


You should never ignore the significance of lifting equipment service under any circumstances, as a single mistake can render a weight lifter handicap for his entire life. A malfunctional equipment can also make judgements wrong, thus ruining the career of a weight lifter. So, whether it is the lifting equipment in a gym or at a weight lifting event or competition, they should always be kept well-serviced.  


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