What is Artificial Intelligence


Hello Guys, Today I will explain what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) with some example we use currently.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. AI has had some success in limited, or simplified, domains.

AI works like our human brain, the program thinks and makes decision like we do in any problem solving. AI is just a machine which will learn and perform task we humans do.

Example of AI we are using right now

  • We use Siri in apple and google now in android for personal assistance
  • Google Self driving car, Tesla autopilot and Audi A7 self driving car
  • Google ads and Amazon ads predicts your purchases by looking into your search history and shows relevant products.
  • Fraud Detection, specially online transaction fraud.
  • Online customer support, many live chats on the website are done by AI.
  • You can generate simple articles, using this app Wordsmith software. It is an AI that gives you simple articles that don’t require a lot of synthesis.
  • Security surveillance, using AI here would improve the security and security algorithms can take input from security cameras and determine whether there may be a threat—if it “sees” a warning sign, it will alert human security officers.
  • Music and movie recommendation, apps like Netflix and Pandora recommend according to the interest and past usage.

These are some example of AI, and some of them are used widely. AI understands the user pattern on any app or website and recommends accordingly. At this level AI is very useful but just imagine the future, what if AI takes over every activity humans use to do, that would be dangerous. But it is a far future and a strong AI like that would take years to develop. Said that AI is something we need in our daily lives to make repetitive works fast and error free. Because unlike humans machine learns quickly and do not make mistake like us.

I know this would clear everything about AI, but will definitely clear what AI is and I will write more as I learn more about it.

Watch this video for a better understanding.

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