All about Venture Capital(VC)

venture capital

Hello Guys I am going to give you some information about Venture Capital which is an important factor for new startups. Venture means taking risk which is involved in new startups cause you cannot be sure of success of the startup.

Venture Capital is a type of growth equity or loan capital given by private investors to new startup or small business which has a long-term growth potential. It is most important fund for new startups cause they do not have access to capital markets. There is a high risk for investors, but downside for the startups cause the venture capitalist as the say in the company decision.

It is mostly funded by well-of investors like investment bankers and other financial institution.For capital, venture capital funding is most important for startup and new business as there is not much way of getting investment through loans.

VC is not always given in monetary form, it can provided in technical or managerial expertise.

It is also called angel investors, angel investors are basically diverse group of individual who gained their wealth through different source. However most of them are entrepreneurs or executives who are retired from previous ventures.

So Initial funding for startups are really important and this angel investors are the best option for good proposal startups.

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