car inspection

Investing in a used car can be highly beneficial for the buyers in term of savings but proper pre purchase car inspection is crucial here. In case you are planning to go for a used vehicle, you should check it properly inside out. Skipping potential problems can negatively affect your decision and you may end up paying higher maintenance costs for your vehicle.

It is not possible for everyone to have proper ideas of techniques on pre purchase car inspection for used vehicles and often complains about their decisions. Inspection must be done accordingly so that you don’t miss anything and in this article, we will highlight on necessary tips to follow during a pre purchase car inspection.

Pay Attention to Papers

Take a look at the vehicle as well as check all the papers thoroughly. Paperwork is important for the buyers and we suggest all of you to double-check it. In many cases, people hire professionals for vehicle inspection and if you hire a professional, ask them to check the documentation and take your time to check everything accordingly. Pre purchase car inspection can help you detect the potential issue in paperwork and if you find some problem, you should look for another. Many a time people fall in trap of fraud. It might so happen that the date of the car purchase mentioned is the original invoice is different as to what the seller is claiming it to be verbally.

Check Exteriors

The first step of pre purchase car inspection will be checking the exteriors. There’s no doubt that the vehicle will be a precious asset for you and you should check the exteriors for scratches, paints or other issues. Rusts and dents are also very common for vehicles and one must check all these things thoroughly. The simple trick here is check for the number plate of the car. If the number plate seems to be in an excellent condition chances are the previous owner hardly met any accidents. The damaged plates are a sign that the car has been through a repair after an accident. 

Open Up the Hood

Maintenance is crucial for a vehicle and people shouldn’t invest in a poorly maintained vehicle. The engine can show potential damage under the hood and hence we recommend the readers to check beneath the hood. Any crack or wear and tear indicates lack of maintenance and buyers must be aware of these things during pre purchase car inspection. The engine of the vehicle is one of the key components and buyers must check the engine for corrosion and leaks.

Checking the Interiors

Interiors are important and buyers must check it during pre purchase car inspection. A well-maintained interior indicates good condition and buyers shouldn’t forget to check it. Get inside the car inspect everything properly. Check the condition, stains or tears and various features like air conditioning, sound systems, speakers and odometers that will help you to get an idea about the present condition of the vehicle.

Go Take a Ride

Buyers should ask for a test drive and it will be helpful in detecting other issues with the vehicles. The test drive can reveal serious problems and this will help you make the final decision. You will be able to check the functioning of the brakes, the steering, the clutch plate and the other important working parts of the car. 

Car Insurance

Insurance is an important part especially when you are about to invest in a second-hand vehicle. Buyers should check the second-hand vehicle insurance during pre purchase car inspection so that they won’t face issues in the future. People should also check the NCB and one shouldn’t forget it.

The above mentioned tips can help you detect potential problems during a pre purchase car inspection and we hope it’s time to go to the seller. You can also check video tutorials online to know more and these techniques can save your investment. Go buy your car now!


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