We drive our cars everyday but are we driving the right way, is our car’s engine, transmission and fuel efficiency is affected negatively due to our driving technique. With millions of cars on the road, we are faced with bad drivers, stray road animals and lack of alertness while driving. Today i will mention few techniques which might help you improve car’s life and will help you to stay away from danger.

Look Ahead

You should have 100% attention to the road ahead. Avoid using anything which will take your eyes of the road. In fact, you should have 100% of your physical and mental presence while driving. It is good to anticipate what other drivers will do on the road.

You should also try to see further down the road while taking a turn which will help you take a better turn and avoid any mishap. And it is good practice to honk at least once when you see a blind turn. In the night you can look out for lights of the cars coming from the turn, which will help to take a better turn.

You should also see cars ahead at a distance, this will help to control your car better. If possible try to see brake lights of the cars at least 100m ahead of you, which will help to brake smoother and keep you out of danger.

Merge with the traffic

If you are joining any highway from the service lane you should adequately pick up the speed with the traffic. If you are entering from an entrance road to a highway try to gain speed and switch lanes according to your speed with proper indication. Use the entrance road to gain speed and match the ongoing traffic.


Go easy on braking, don’t hit your brakes hard in daily driving situations. Hitting brakes hard and frequently will make your brake pads and disc wear out quickly. Try to coast in gear by lifting your legs off the accelerate pedal. Doing this you are using engine braking which will slow your vehicle and give you more room to brake. It will also help you save your fuel.

Drive a Manual Transmission

Admit it if you are fond of driving you love Manual transmission cars. Driving a manual transmission car keeps the driver engaged continuously. All your legs and hands are busy and your brain keeps on processing for changing gear pressing clutch etc. This practice makes a person a better driver. If you are a new driver first drive a manual for few years.

Learn to control Oversteering

If you want to know what is oversteering click here. It is not a major technique if you are not driving outside city limits and within speed limits. But if you are driving on highway at high speeds, then you must learn to control oversteering

When in corner press more accelerate pedal and let the backend of the car slide, and then try to control it. But be careful try to practice on a closed road where there are no trees or anything that you might collide into. Taking a professional’s help will be good.

Heal-Toe Downshifting

This technique will help you shift faster and increase your transmissions life. But honestly it is a tricky technique and i am still learning it. If you are good at this, you will see a major difference in your driving and the benefits are worth it.

Driving Backwards

It will sound weird to you, who will drive backwards. But many people lack the basic skill of reversing a car properly. Reversing a car requires rear space awareness and also improves your overall judgement. If you have a good control while reversing your car, you will be able to control your car better overall. But you might argue that these days we have reverse camera’s. I would say avoid using that and try to see through the rear windshield, unless rear visibility is very less.

Practice Parking

Most people hate parking because lack of space available for parking. Normal parking can be done by most of the people. But if you want to park between two cars (parallel parking), you need a lot of skills together which most people lack. You need to have good control of your car in forwarding and reversing, and also good aim of judgement and concentration. If you can park any car at a tight spot within secs you have good skills. So practice parallel parking more to get a good hand over it.

These are some techniques that will help you improve your driving. But if you are new to any technique learn it from a professional before implementing it. Always remember always concentrate on road while driving and have patience while driving, you can always avoid mishap.

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