Eco Friendly Home

With summer approaching, now is the best time to do some renovation works on your beloved home. However, in order to keep up with the times and do something good for our planet, you must make sure your remodel is green and sustainable. Luckily, that’s not very hard if you know where to start.

Buy used

While buying new stuff feels more satisfying at first, buying used has many benefits and charms. There’s a ton of used things that are not only beautiful but just as high-quality as new items. If you invest in used items, you’re keeping your landfills empty and minimizing energy waste required in the production process. Plus, many of these second-hand items are much cheaper than new things. For instance, consider grabbing a set of used kitchen cabinets. Models that are only a few years old probably look pretty modern and they will serve you for at least another ten years.  

Donate what you don’t need

Any remodel requires getting rid of some stuff, no matter if cabinets, appliances or kids’ toys. You might think you can’t conduct a renovation without filling a big dumpster, but it’s more than possible—just donate! Giving stuff away is amazing on many levels. First, your old items won’t contribute to pollution and landfill expansion. Second, people who receive your stuff won’t hit the stores and buy new items which will only contribute to energy waste and pollution.

 Use durable materials

One of the best things you can do for the environment is investing in materials that will last a long time and stay in perfect condition. This way, you won’t need to hit the stores for new things every year and create more and more pollution and energy waste. For instance, if you’re looking to remodel your outdoor spaces, choose concrete for your floors because it’s durable, easy to mold, accessible and requires almost zero maintenance. Also, instead of opting for wood for a pergola, you can choose durable shade sails that will keep you protected from the elements. These come in different colors, are water-proof and super easy to install and maintain.

Keys to an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Watch out for energy efficiency

Going green often revolves around energy efficiency. While you can invest in energy-efficient appliances and gadgets, you can also reduce your energy consumption through efficient insulation, natural lighting and ventilation. Air leaks do nothing but waste your energy, so reducing them should be your first goal. Tight seals and high-performance systems will reduce air leaks, yet optimize airflow, comfort and efficiency of your space. Strategically placed windows and doors will ensure good natural ventilation and provide your home with plenty of clean and sustainable lighting.

Be smart with demolition

While grabbing your sledgehammer and going to town on your walls, cabinets and doors might be super therapeutic, destruction of materials can be very harmful to our environment and unfriendly for your wallet. When tearing down walls is the only solution to your design, make sure to handle it the smart way. If you’re very delicate and careful with your demolition, you can end up with many materials that can be salvaged, reused or donated. The important thing is that they won’t end up cluttering your home and filling dumps. Some of the materials you have in your home are serious pollutants!

After a renovation like this, you’ll have a perfectly green space that’s beneficial both for you and for the environment. You’ll be leaving a safe and healthy space for your family and a brighter and greener future for your children.


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