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No matter where you live, how big your home is, and how many people there are in your family – you could always use more space. Whether it’s for storage, entertaining, or organizing your possessions, we always seem to miss it. That’s why some people move to bigger homes or build giant houses that should be enough for all their needs. Others, however, go in another direction, and simply expand their current homes instead. If that sounds like something you’d do as well, here are a few ideas you need to take into consideration.

Add a new story

Add a new story

This is the most popular option out there and an idea people usually pick when they need more living space. Building a second story will give you a ton of options, while also boosting the visual appeal of your home. Still, you need to plan ahead and approach this project carefully. Assemble a great time of builders, designers, architects, and decorators, and let them do all the work. This project can be challenging, but it will all be worth it in the end. Once everything is done, you can enjoy this new space and stop worrying about feeling cluttered ever again.

Expand into the backyard


This is another popular idea that can really go a long way and save you a ton of money. This basically means extending your house and turning a part of your outdoor area into usable living space. You’d essentially trade a section of your backyard for another room, and that’s a trade most people are happy with. However, you need to get informed and not make any decisions before thinking everything through. Define your budget, talk to your contractor, and see if you’re able to turn this idea into reality.

Use the basement


If you need more living space but aren’t ready to invest in major extension projects, think about utilizing your basement. Instead of using it as a storage space, why don’t you convert it into something practical? Of course, you’ll have to check it out first and make sure it’s suitable for adaptation. Inspect the flooring and make sure the concrete is flat and in perfect shape. Find people who are using the newest concreting tools and can make your concrete floor ready for future renovations. After that, you just have to pick the right flooring idea, repaint the walls, add the furniture, and that’s it!

Finish the garage


Lots of houses come with a garage, yet are you really making the most of yours? This is a space where you can park your car and store your tools, but is that all there is? Well, if you’re lacking space and going up or out isn’t an option, start thinking about finishing your garage. This way, you’ll add square footage to your home and provide your family with tons of space. You can turn your garage into a second bedroom, a room for your kids, or a lounge area for relaxing.

Alternatively, use it as a storage area, laundry or pantry, and give yourself more maneuvering space in your kitchen. But, this idea comes with a huge problem – what are you going to do with your car? Turning your garage into living space means you can’t use it as a garage anymore, so find other options. Use your driveway instead, and turn into a problem into a win-win situation that actually works for you.

Expanding your house and adding more living space to it is never easy. But, if you make a proper plan and know what you’re doing, it’s actually easier than you think. Just define your wishlist, work on your budget, and start expanding yours house!


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