9 New Types of Content Coming in 2023

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The content landscape is changing. Buzzword bingo, as it’s often called, is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing year. But what does this mean for marketers? In this post, we’ll dive into nine new types of content that will be coming and becoming recognizable trends in 2023.

1. Content bots will be used for creating original posts

The first type of content we’ll be seeing more of is a bot-generated original post.

A content bot is a piece of software that generates original posts based on keywords, phrases, and other criteria that you specify. For example, if you want to get more visitors from Google Search or Bing and you don’t have the time or resources to write new articles yourself, then using a content bot will help generate unique pieces for your website on demand and at scale—the perfect solution for filling in gaps in your content strategy!

There are some benefits and drawbacks associated with using content bots:

The benefits include: 

  • Free, scalable content creation 
  • Easily add fresh, unique content to your website that is relevant to your target audience 
  • Helps you generate more traffic from search engines
  • Gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business

2. The rise of voice-activated technology will mean new ways of publishing content

The rise of voice-activated technology will mean new ways of publishing content.

First, the way we create and share content will change. Voice-activated technology like Amazon Echo and Google Home allow users to search for products and services at the sound of their voice, while voice assistants like Siri are also used to send messages and make appointments. These technologies have already made huge strides in our daily lives, with some experts predicting that they will be as common as mobile phones by 2023.

The second major aspect is that people now expect everything around them to be able to respond—and not just via text or menus on a screen—but by talking back specifically to them!

3. Content creation will become more visual via VR and AR

AR and VR for public speaking skills

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be used to create new types of content.

VR content is created by placing the viewer in a virtual environment, while AR mixes digital images with the real world. Both technologies can be used for marketing purposes, such as VR technology for showing clothing in fashion shows, or AR technology for creating interactive displays at trade shows. In addition to their use in marketing, VR and AR are also being used in entertainment: Netflix has created several new shows that incorporate both technologies into storylines.

-Helps you stay relevant in the eyes of search engines 

-Can help you rank for specific keywords or phrases that are important to your business or brand 

-Helps you generate more organic traffic from Google Search and Bing

4. Artificial intelligence will be used to create new-to-human writing

Artificial intelligence will be used to create new-to-humans writing. This is a good thing because it will free up time for humans to do other things and also help them with content creation and curation, plus distribution.

The next generation of AI-powered writing tools will produce highly personalized content that reflects your company’s brand, style, tone and voice. They can also take into account the latest trends in online writing so your content speaks up with authority on current topics—all while keeping customers engaged and reading through their recommended posts related to your industry or niche market.

5. People will continue to make money through sponsored content

As the world continues to embrace new forms of content, it’s important for you to keep an eye on what’s coming down the pike. Whether you’re a freelance writer or someone who wants to branch out into other industries, understanding what new types of content are gaining popularity is crucial.

If you want to make money writing sponsored posts, then it’s best to start now and get ahead of the curve. This type of content has seen explosive growth in recent years and many experts predict that this trend will continue into 2023 and beyond.

6. The long-tail video format will continue to be popular and start showing up in new places

Long-tail video can be defined as a longer, more in-depth version of the typical YouTube video. In this type of content, you have time to explain more about your topic and provide details and background information that people may not know about. Longer videos are usually preferred by viewers because they feel like they get more out of them than if they were shorter. With the help of an online video editor and some great content, long-tail videos can be a powerful tool for your business. You don’t have to make them as long as an episode of “Game of Thrones” but making sure they are at least 10 minutes in length will help you rank better in search engines and get more views on YouTube.

Long-tail content has become increasingly popular over the last few years because of how much longer it is compared to most other types of videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. It’s also very helpful for bloggers who want to gain their audience’s attention for longer periods of time without sacrificing overall quality.

The popularity of long-tail is only going to continue growing in 2023! You should start thinking about ways you can implement this into your marketing strategy now so that you don’t miss out on opportunities later on down the road when they arise!

7. Augmented reality is going to take over the content marketing world

The world of augmented reality is about to take over content marketing. The technology is already being used in a variety of ways, from virtual stores to product placement and even how you see your own face.

Augmented reality will be used for everything from retail experiences and education to travel and entertainment.

8. Public data will be used in personalized content

Public data is a term used to describe information that is openly available and can be used for many different purposes. It’s a type of information that has been collected by governments, institutions and companies, but isn’t private or confidential.

Public data will become more common in the future because many people are interested in learning about it and using it for personal or professional reasons. For example, public data can be used to create personalized content such as news stories or advertisements based on your interests.

There are many different types of public data. Examples include census records for markets where you want to sell products (like retail) or crime reports if you’re looking at real estate properties within certain areas where there are high rates of crime (like property management).

9. Micro-influencers may rival brand influencers before 2023 is up

Micro-influencers are people who have a smaller, more niche audience and often have higher engagement rates than their larger counterparts. Their content is often more targeted to their audience and therefore can be easier to work with for brands that want to make sure their messages get across in the right way. Additionally, these micro-influencers are more accessible for brands because they tend not to have high demands or ask for big paychecks—which means that it’s easier for companies to work with them directly instead of going through an agency. That said, there are some data indicating that this type of celebrity might actually be better at creating engaging content than traditional celebrities are; while they might not have as many followers as someone like Rihanna or Taylor Swift has on Instagram (or any other social platform), their engagement rate tends to be much higher than those of big name stars who rely on big numbers alone rather than quality engagement between user and brand.

For brands, micro-influencers can be a great way to get your message across. Because they tend to have smaller audiences than more traditional celebrities, they can often be more accessible and easier to work with directly—meaning that you don’t have to go through an agency or middleman. This is especially true for companies that are just starting out and might not be able to afford the big names on Instagram yet.


The content marketing world is changing, and it’s changing fast. If you want to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends, you need to keep an eye on what’s coming down the pipeline. Think about how these new types of content will affect your business or brand and start planning for them now so that when they arrive tomorrow (or maybe even later today!) you won’t get left behind by competitors who have already adopted them as part of their strategy!

What new types of content would you choose in 2023? Do let us know in the comment

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