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Hello Guys I will list down the most common reason of why website speed is slow. There are many reasons for a slow website, but most common is large size images and unorganized and complex website.

You need to have a faster website to have a better rank in search engine. Slow website also drives away the customers. People would not visit a slow website, so here are some of the reason which will slow your website.

Server performance

Server is the key for your website speed. When someone opens your website, your browser sends ping to the server to get the information and data to load your site.

If your server is slow your website will load slow, no matter how good everything else is. This mostly happens when you have a shared hosting. In case of shared hosting you share space with other websites. If the other websites have higher processing requirement, your site may get affected and face a slow loading time.

You can switch to VPS or dedicated server hosting which will improve your website speed. If you any question regarding hosting you can comment below.

Server Location

Server location also affects your websites loading time. When you visit a site the browser sends the request to server. If your website is requested in india and your server is situated in america, the data has to travel once from india to america and then back to india. Data is fast but still it takes time if it is situated at a distance.

High Traffic

Traffic affects your website the most. Specific server can handle only limited number of traffic. It is like if you have a restaurant only limited people can be served at a time, if the more people visit at the same time they will be served slow.

Large Images

Remember the old dial-up connection, the large images use to take about a minute to load. Though we have high-speed broadband these days still large size images are going to take time to load.

Avoid large images, bigger the file size, longer is the time it takes to load, thereby impacting the overall website speed. So always optimize the Hi-Res images thereby reducing any bandwidth related issues.

Heavy formats like TIFF and BMP are going to eat huge chunks into your load time. So use jpg or png which loads faster.

Complex Coding

All websites are created by lines of coding. The complex the coding more the time to load. Avoid unwanted spaces and comments and try to keep the code crisp. Always use minimize file of jQuery and other library you are using in your website. Minimize your CSS, JS, HTML files to make it load faster.

For example, there are 60 million lines of code on Facebook alone.

2 billion lines of code in nine million unique source files in google.

Multiple request

Every small element on your website request separately to load. Every CSS, image, JS is a new request. Server has a limit to handle the request per second.

Lets say that your website sends 10 request every time it loads up. If 100 people visit your website at once, that means 1000 file request in one second. If you have a small server this can slow your website really down. And usually the HTTP request is around 40-60 for an average website.


Old updates

If you use CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento you have to install regular updates. If you do not update there is possible chances of malware attack which will lead to redirects and slow website.

Also in case of CMS do not use plugins for everything. The more the number of plugins more the load in your website. Every plugin has its own CSS and JS file which will make separate HTTP request.


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