Dust Extraction System

What exactly is a dust extraction system?

When it comes to the point of keeping the indoors of any commercial place clean, you need to know what options you have. The dust extraction system, also known as a dust collection system, is a system of air quality improvement in various shops, commercial shops, and home shops.

These systems remove the dust particulates from the air and keep the environment safe and sound. The basic working process of a dust extraction system is to capture-> convey ­-> collect.


The need for a dust extraction system

The use of a system to collect and eliminate dust from the environment is exceptionally important. These systems, when used to their potential, help in enhancing safety and helping in reducing costs.

The primary reason why dust extraction system is one of the most important facets of any commercial or manufacturing building or space is that free dust not only floats around and makes it hard to breathe, but may also get compounded with various things in the air and explode or burst into fumes and cause accidents.

Furthermore, the dust has the ability to interrupt production, cause constant headaches, hamper your worker’s health and lifestyle and cause many accidents.

Where can dust extraction systems be used?

When you think about making use of a dust extraction system, you may worry about whether you can make use of them or not. Since the government and the health officials are very serious about the health of the workers also, there are many laws that implement penalties on you too. Here are the various places and industries that should make use of dust extraction systems:

  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Metal and other fabrication
  • Construction
  • Paint
  • Warehouses
  • Minerals manufacturing
  • Lumber/wood
  • Cement
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Clean-room applications
  • Medical
  • Glasswork

Why you need a dust extraction system?

Wondering what are the advantages of making use of a dust extraction system? Here are some:

  • Ensures Health and Safety: Circulating dust in the atmosphere may cause you and your workers to get in touch with various types of diseases. Being constantly in a place with dust gives rise to constant headaches. Furthermore, dust particles may react with various other things and may burst into fire or explode. Making use of a dust extraction system will help you to get rid of such issues.
  • Increased productivity: When dust and various particles get collected on your machines and equipment, they may get damaged or may not work as they are supposed to work. Furthermore, damaged and not functional machines may hamper your workflow at the factory.
  • Better product quality: As you know, dust is a huge deal. The dust can not only harm your manufacturing process but also get in the way of your product’s quality. Collected dust on your finished goods and on raw materials will most definitely ruin the quality of your products.
  • Compliance with regulation: Once your place of business starts to make use of dust collectors, you would not run into trouble with various laws and regulations. Since your place of work will comply with the rules, you won’t have to pay penalties and fines.
  • Happier employees: The use of dust collection systems keep the employees happy, healthy and safe, which would mean that they would work with all their hearts.

How do you get one of these systems?

If you feel that you need one, even if you do not fall under the list of the mandatory list of industries, you should consider speaking to a professional. Furthermore, when you purchase a system, remember to ask about warranties, repairs, and other things as well.



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