skip hire

Skip hire is a convenient waste removal system that helps to get rid of bulk quantity of waste from a site. Whether it is the household waste or shredding waste at a construction site, practical usage of skip will help to get rid of all.

What Is a Skip Hire?

A skip is a huge trash-collecting container with some specific design elements. It helps to load the waste material into the truck that primarily collects garbage from the locality. Instead of collecting the trash one by one, it places its bed on the roads and the entire locality can leave anything to everything on it to be collected later. When the services of a waste management company are assigned to perform the job, it rents out a skip, which is further known as ‘skip hire’.

Skips are very affordable as well as convenient solutions for the management of waste materials. It is readily available in different shapes and sizes to fit best with every task. The requirement of the size depends on the amount of waste to be produced by the locality. For instance, for a small region, a mini skip of three to four yards will be suitable. These skips are mostly famous among domestic households who undertake more trivial home improvement tasks. Being small, these are also pretty economical and readily available. Whereas, the larger skips range from ten to eighteen-yard capabilities which are often hired at construction sites and other such applications.

What to Throw – What Not to Throw:

However, dumping waste on skip hire has some general guidelines to follow. As a general guide, there are certain items that are allowed and not allowed to throw into the skip. The items that are allowed are listed below:

  • Soil
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Organic waste
  • Furniture
  • Cardboard
  • Domestic waste
  • Metal
  • Wood

Items not allowed in skip hire:

  • Tyres
  • Medical waste
  • Hazardous waste like asbestos and explosives
  • Electrical items
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Solvents, chemicals, paints

Advantages of Skip Bin Hire Service:

Different benefits of skip bin service for home improvement are as follows

  • Saves Money, Time and Effort – It helps to save a lot of things by being the most cost-effective way of removing the trash. The experts are there to do everything for you. Therefore, there will be zero effort on your part. Neither you need to transport your garbage, nor you have to invest a lot of money on such an unproductive task.
  • Ensures Safety – If you keep your rubbish at home, you will probably end up hurting yourself in a certain way. Skip bin hire services manage the waste with utmost safety and responsibility.
  • Environment Protection – The service providers make sure that the waste is dumped safely. They keep the environment cleaner and safer without implementing any adverse effects on the surrounding.
  • A Huge Array of Size – Different sizes means more diversified suitability. With the availability of different sizes, it can cater to all the industries and purposes. It is capable of carrying small as well as large amounts of waste.
  • Secures a Construction Site – It is significant for a construction site, be it for industrial or residential purposes, to be safe for people when it is under construction. As far as people working there are concerned, there will be no danger of getting cut or hurt in some way.

All in all, skip hire is a versatile waste management system. Among all of its benefits, the most prominent feature is that it contributes to the welfare of the environment.  All you need is to select the right service from a skip providing company.



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