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Air Fryers have taken the market by storm as a healthy option. It has been touted first and foremost as an alternative for cooking foods that you would normally fry with high quantities of oil.

The air fryer cooks at extremely high temperatures and delivers “fried” food without the excessive oil. So you can now enjoy your favorites guilty free. What you can cook and how do you make crispy food in an air fryer is far more versatile than anyone realized. In this article, we will focus more on the foods that are not popularly associated with the air fryer.

Air Fryer – The Obvious Choices

So let’s get the foods that you can obviously use your Air Fryer to cook out of the way. Yes, French fries are an absolute staple for an Air Fryer. Guilt free French fries are at last at your fingertips.

Any potato recipe that requires you to fry, grill or saute are on the table. You can use it for chicken wings. So you get the idea that your favorite comfort foods are definitely on the menu with your air fryer.

The air fryer doesn’t need you to put in a lot of oil; you can expect that you will have healthier food that tastes great every time.

One of the biggest problems that people have with cooking is the cleaning that they have to do afterwards. No need to worry about washing this product by hand as long as you have a dishwasher.

Baked Goods, Who Knew?

Now, this was truly a shocker for me. I certainly did not consider bread when I posed the question “What you can cook in Air Fryer“. I guess the fact that the appliance has the word “fryer” in it, does not point you into the direction of baking at all.

As per air fryer market, the air fryer’s high temperatures can be function like an oven. By using the inserts, you can bake regular bread, do a variety of buns and make a pretty mean pizza crust if you like. You can also make delicious desserts like banana breads and cakes. The possibilities are endless with this little gadget. All I can say is happy baking.

Every Imaginable Vegetable with Air Fryer

The air fryer just made getting your required vegetable intake that much easier. The air fryer makes vegetables deliciously tender all the way through. It works well on all vegetables, so it is ideal for the consumer’s individual tastes.

Every Style of Meat Work with Air Fryer

While, we knew we could definitely “fry” our chicken, the air fryer comes with skewers than allow you to add different pieces of meat to your air fryer Repertoire. You can have any kind of kebab. There are no limits to the types of meat that you can use in your air fryer, since it cooks at high temperatures. So you can cook beef, chicken, pork and much more in your air fryer. You can also have a complete meal at one time, if you do a little bit on multi-tasking. You can cook your vegetables on the top level and add your meats below. So when you are done, you can have a complete meal ready to consume.

So the answer to the question “What can you cook in an air fryer” is simply “Almost anything.” If you are a student heading into a studio apartment or a person on tight budget, the air fryer is a must have. You can cook almost anything with this versatile little appliance.

There is a chance that you will not always be available the whole time while cooking, but at the same time you do not want to burn your food. As much as possible, the air fryer’s cooking timer will allow you to set it to help the fryer stop cooking depending on the time that you have set.

You can be sure that the use of air fryer will help you out a lot because not only is it inexpensive, it can also provide you the fried food that you need to have at home. Make sure that you follow what you have to do, so that you will not have any issues.


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