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Electricians can be hired for various jobs, but all of them cannot handle everything. An electrician who works at a power plant might not be able to fix your car. In simple words, ‘Like all other professions, one base job will have various categories. The same goes for an electrician.

While you have your daily electronic repairing or installation needs, you will need to be aware of whom to call during which requirement. Contacting the right person always helps in getting the work done as quickly as possible.

For this, the following categories can help you differentiate among the different professions a technician can hold. Let’s find out:

1. Automotive Electrician


An automotive Electrician takes care of vehicles and automobile-related technical work. They can perform installation, fixtures, and other automobile-related works. 

Hence, if you need someone to install new headlights, add in the air conditioning system, put in the child-safety lock on doors, you need to contact the automotive electricians. 

Be it a small family car or a commercial bus, an automotive technician can get the job done in no time. Although, most of the works regarding vehicles require practical experience over textbook knowledge therefore, a work license is not an issue for many such electricians. 

2. Commercial Electrician

commercial electrician

The work of a commercial electrician is vast and complex. The training and apprenticeship criteria do make up for the high-power work provided by a commercial tech person. 

A commercial electrician works in firms and industries that require more electrical power than other normal products. Hence, the area of work is vast and requires a complete professional understanding. 

An electrician in this area of expertise will be able to handle responsibilities such as:

  • Helping the firm understand technical terms, plans, and blueprints. 
  • Electrical repair for all units. 
  • Installing electrical components. 
  • Maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Inspecting all new upgrades and following company guidelines as well as protocol for their usage, and many more. 

3. Highway Electrician

A highway electrician is involved in heavy-duty work, requiring expertise in aerial vehicles, zip-saw, and others. Since they work above ground, a complete understanding of their jobs and equipment is mandatory. 

These professionals go through exclusive training to work with electronics that help in ensuring a secured vehicular journey through the highway. Such work includes traffic lights, signals (if any required), roadway lights, and their maintenance. 

Fluctuation in such power lines can lead to accidents and mishaps over the ground. Hence, the job of a highway electrician requires an impeccable understanding of the work and how to finish it qualitatively. 

4. Residential Electrician

A residential electrician takes care of domestic wiring, fixtures, and maintenance. An electrician can perform individually for such minor installation works. 

For whole-house wiring changes and repair works, they might require a team to work with them. The work can involve lighting installation, wiring, syncing heavy-duty appliances with high-powered lines, fixing broken wiring systems, and more. 

They also follow local electricity protocols before placing the systems in the same area. Hence, residential electricians have a similar job as a commercial expert, but only on a limited basis. 

5. Marine Electricians

Marine electricians have a different kind of working style They work on the ships and repair, fix, and install on a routine or emergency basis. 

They have to perform all these works and repairs by having a proper and detailed understanding of water physics to stay healthy and physically balanced while working. 

Marine electricians work on cruise ships, boats, yachts, and other aquatic vehicles. 

Hence, a technician can take up responsibilities in multiple fields, given their area of expertise. 

After knowing about your requirement, you can hire the right electrician to ensure quality and complete service.

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