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When it comes down to it, your workplace productivity depends on a single factor – your workforce. Still, seeing as how there is a number of factors that affect the effectiveness of your employees (not just their character, personality and work ethics), one must ask themselves – what can I do to make my staff more productive? Fortunately, this can be achieved in several easy steps. Here are six of them.

An adequate office size

By keeping the office tightly packed, you can cram more desks into a smaller office space, thus providing a workspace to more employees while paying the same rent. The problem with this idea, nonetheless, lies in the fact that too many people in too small of a living space means a harder commute and more noise. Both of these things are incredibly distracting and being able to resolve them successfully will result in a boost in productivity. It’s even better to have some people in a shared office space or working from home than to taint the productivity of the entire place just so that you can save some rent money. Moreover, you’ll have to move eventually either way, so is it really worth it to postpone this for a couple of months?

Offer flexible work hours

The next thing that could help boost your productivity are flexible work hours. Before we even start explaining the importance of this, let us just stress the fact that different people have different habits and biorhythm. That being said, it’s scientifically proven that for most people the first two hours after waking up tend to be the most productive. However, what about those suffering from insomnia or those who prefer to work during the late hours? Some people are simply more creative and more productive in the evening, so, why not give them the opportunity to work late?

Multiple screens

The next trend you need to consider is multiple screens in your workplace that can help your team focus on the task at hand by providing them with greater digital workspace customizability. When it comes to multiple screens, most people assume that this is great for multi-tasking, yet, what they fail to realize is the fact that these multiple screens help you do one task much better. First of all, you get to do creative work without having to switch windows or tabs in order to look for resources. Second, it helps out immensely with drag-and-drop resources and elevates this concept to another level. In other words, getting that additional Samsung monitor might be a good idea regardless of your industry.

Remote workers

Previously we’ve discussed the possibility of letting some people work from home, however, one of the perks of this business model is the fact that it is introvert-centric. Introverts are less driven by the immediate reward, which makes them more focused, more committed and, overall, more dedicated to what they’re doing. Needless to say, the above-listed idea of flexible work hours can also help them pick the time of the day when the office is not so densely populated, yet, it’s never the same. Giving one the option to work from the comfort of their own home may become an incredible opportunity that works in everyone’s favor.

Task delegation

Recognizing which members of your staff are cut out for which functions and then allowing them to deal with these tasks might be a great idea that will help your office peak in productivity. However, task delegation isn’t an easy task to do. First of all, just because someone is good at something it doesn’t mean that they’ll embrace the chance to do as much of it as possible, at least not without adequate compensation. Furthermore, there are some tasks that simply no one wants to deal with. So, what do you do with them? In other words, this is a business aspect that’s more than worth some consideration.

Improve overall workplace conditions

At the end of the day, in order to get a boost in productivity, you need to improve the overall workplace conditions. We’re talking about everything from light and temperature to the way in which your management treats people. So far, we’ve discussed ways in which your employees can help themselves, but now it’s time to take an active part in the way in which they participate in the office. Make sure that they feel comfortable in the workplace and keep gathering their feedback. Sure, some of their demands will be unreasonable, yet, if they suggest that you make an alteration that’s within your power, then you have no reason not to do so. Of course, as long as this is not interfering with other people’s work.


The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that while each of these trends boosts productivity on its own, you should probably implement them all in order to see the real difference. Therefore, what you really, really need is a plan and a strategy that you can lay out and execute in stages. If you do this right, you might even be able to measure the precise effect of this strategy on your productivity, instead of analyzing which stand-alone method gave the best ROI.



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