What is a website


Website is a place where you showoff your product or service. What does this mean? Many people confuse Google listing of a company with a website.

What is Google listing?

It is the result which you see on the right side of your page on desktop and bottom of search bar on mobile. Where you see the map which shows the location of the company, below that you see phone number, address, working hours and the link to your website etc. See the image below

google listing

This can be done for FREE using Google My Business, you dont need any developer’s help to do this. Just sign in to Google My business via your gmail and you are good to go.

What is a Website?

Website on other hand is something completely differnet and independent of google listing. Let me explain you in a better way. A website consist of a domain i.e www.thereviewstories.com is a domain name. Domain name includes www (World Wide web), the name of your company, and the extension .com, .in, .co.in, .org, .edu, .nic etc. This you need to buy from a service provider like Godaddy or Bigrock. Then you need hosting, Hosting is a place where you store your websites files. Like images, description written on your website and other content you need for your website.


The above image you see is the image of this website, this is how a website looks like.

So do not confuse yourself with Google listings and website, for that do not misunderstand anything with a website. Like a facebook page, or local listings etc. You need to pay for domain and hosting and also for building a website, if you want to have a good website and want to grow your business.

Use this links for latest technologies to build website and know about different Domain, hosting providers cost


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