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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Human Resources professionals is projected to grow 9% from 2016 to 2026. It is said to grow at an average pace that is faster than any other occupation. With newer technology and innovation, the job market will be in dire need of professionals to expand their operations. Human resource managers will be required to oversee and administer their programs ensuring that the firm is adhering to the latest skillset and the ever-changing complex environment. There might be strong competition in the labor market.

We’re living in an era where there’s huge competition in the business world, no wonder why an HR certification is required to get into esteemed job positions in the Human Resources field.

If you go looking out for an HR position, you’ll notice that one out of two job positions, hiring managers prefer candidates with a credible certification. As the competition keeps rising, HR professionals having a credible and best HR certification may be more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Human resource: Then and Now

Over the past decades, the human resources field has seen a drastic change and now the HR function has evolved dramatically under the influence of technology.

HR will always be paramount in business for the fact that these businesses are made up of people. And the success of the business will depend on the skills and abilities of these people. As mentioned, there has been a distinct shift within the past three decades.

Previously, HR professionals and managers were more involved in compliance and legal issues. However, this is not the same scenario today. The human resource field is now more involved in the role of a strategic business partner. The HRs of today now work closely with top executives to help the organization reach its business goals.

Why you need an HR certification?

Being an HR professional, dedicating time for upskilling can be challenging. However, there are several best HR certification programs that are available today. Now you might be wondering why would you need to earn an HR certification today? Well, with the job market being competitive, it may be challenging to prove to employers that you have the skills that are required by the current industry. Demonstrating skills through certifications could be beneficial, both for the candidate as well as the employer.

Earning a certification could be ideal for your HR career path since they allow you to become more hirable. Increase the chances of earning a potential salary package. Certified HR professionals earn significantly more than the ones without certification.

Having a credible certification will significantly improve the employer’s perception of you. Earning certification helps you advance knowledge in the latest application and skill set used in the current industry.

Some of the certification bodies offering HR certification in the USA include names such as SHRM | Society for Human Resource Management and HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Are you being vigilant?

The technology market is making human resources less human and more superhuman. Where do you stand today? Do you have the access to all levers you need to make that difference? High alert! Talent management is a field that has proven to be the top focus for HR professionals all over the world today. several companies show that professionals with the skills in talent management have a higher potential for growth and development opportunities in the human resources domain.

talent management

As a strategy, talent management is not a term that is wholly a part of the HR department. But in fact, it requires HR professionals to team up with top managers of the firm, supervisors within the company’s ranks to put these strategies into action. Here’s where the talent management professionals hold a higher pillar in the industry.

The HR Exchange Network came up with a survey that showed the TM-related initiatives were getting a higher significant amount of attention. When enquired regarding the specific initiative, it was found that most HR professionals put their focus on leadership and development, performance management, and recruitment and onboarding – top pillars of talent management.

To move beyond human resource management these are the recommended institutes that offer the best HR certifications in talent management – The TMI | Talent Management Institute and HCI | Human Capital Institute is an ideal choice for HR professionals aspiring to enter the realm of talent management.

An HR certification surely requires a real investment on your part and will boost your HR career altogether to the next level.



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