BMW is not just a vehicle that we commute in; it is how we see ourselves in the eyes of others. It is an aspiration that drives you towards being able to command the highest degree of respect in every walk of life.

BMW is believed to be considered as a lifestyle statement that talks in volume about the qualitative aspects of your standard of living. A proud BMW owner always comes across as someone whom everybody will look up to with a substance of awe and wonder in the eyes.

The luxurious brand is ready to go to any extent to keep surprising its valuable customers with unique and most innovative service features that will never let the joy and excitement of driving fade away. The kind of service standard it maintains worldwide. Results in a resurgence of BMW as one of the most ambitious and prestigious automobile brands in the world.

Those who are still weighing their decision to buy a BMW as against any other luxurious automobile brand. Are likely to look at the spectrum of alternatives they offer as their after-sale service. Therefore, they need to understand clearly the different service propositions that are offered by BMW to stand out in the clutter. Let’s take you all through the gamut of innovative BMW service options deliverable and cutting edge technology designed to ensure the best in class service experience to all its customers.

BMW service

Service starts within the car itself

BMW service has been made more robust and all-pervasive with the help of the latest intelligent technology. This enables the user to access the basics of service parameters through a smart dashboard from inside the car itself.

The dashboard is meant to display which part of the car is required to be serviced as per the magnitude of usage. Which is usually being measured by how many kilometers it covered or how much of fuel it consumed. All the usage data captured is usually being warehoused in a common storage destination. Where it is been accessed, analyzed and constantly monitored to derive insight in order to be able to interpret customer’s unique service requirements.

Prioritizing what requires immediate fixing

Condition-based service (CBS) is what brings a breath of fresh air to the conventional attributes of BMW service. CBS entails constant data mining with an objective to find out any discrepancy in any part of the vehicle against the standard operational benchmark.

If a vehicle is found to be consuming more fuel than the standard benchmark, it will be identified as an aberration that is required to be repaired. As soon as the tracking happens, there will be service notification popping up on the display screen of the dashboard in the car. This will alert the car user and tell him that the car needs to be taken to the service workshop. This is how the collaboration between the user and service centers happens. With these BMW service essentials, the car can be made to continue its smooth functioning.

BMW service

Wherever you go, you are never far from the wide network of BMW service stations

BMW owners can always track the nearest service point from wherever they are using a powerful GPS tracking system installed in the cars. They have established service centers in almost every major city of the world, and you can easily track one down no matter where you go.

BMW relentlessly works towards reinventing its service standards with the application of new edge disruptive technologies. A chatbot powered by conversational AI coupled with an advanced breakdown detection system runs on the framework of a strong analytical system. This keeps the brand far ahead of the competition.

There is a host of such transformational innovations, and BMW is still working on with a commitment to bring out the best for the millions of its customers across the globe.


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