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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Automobile Industry

Automobile industry is an emerging business, every now and then, there is a new model launched. Technologically it is advancing rapidly, we have ICE, electric, CNG etc. Electric vehicles are the futures of the automobile industry. I will write about all the latest technology and latest models launched, so stick around.  

V8 engine

How V8 engine works

Hello Guys today I will explain what is V8 engine and how it works. V8 engine get their names from having a cylinder block...

Cars & SUVs that go more than 1000 Kms on a single tank of...

I am going to list down Car's and Suv's that run more than 1000km in a single tank full. Maruti Vitara Brezza Range: 1,166 kms Vitara Brezza...

Anti Roll Bar

Hello guys today I will explain what is electronic sway bar and how does it work. We know what is the purpose of anti...

What is a Carburetor and pros and cons

We need something in our vehicles to mix the air-fuel mixture, by using this mixture the vehicles move. Carburetor are used for this purpose....

Tata Reveals Evision Electric Sedan Concept

Tata showcased its Evision Electric sedan concept in Geneva 2018 motor show. This new sedan is based on Omega platform, one of the new...

Suzuki Swift 2018

Hello guys new Maruti Suzuki Swift is in the market and it is the 3rd generation of Swift. It was showcased in autoexpo 2018....

Best 2018 Auto expo cars

I was eagerly waiting for this expo to see what kind of electric vehicles companies launch, as we are looking to switch to EV's...
Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus in India

Lamborghini Urus in India It was just a month ago Lamborghini launched Urus in the global market, and now Lamborghini india has already announced its...

Elon Musk Promises Pick up truck soon in future

Elon Musk makes another promise Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has again made a promise of pick up truck right after Model Y. Model...
Tesla model x 90d

India’s FIRST TESLA Model X 90D in Mumbai

Tesla Model X Spotted We have our first Tesla in India. It was spotted a week ago in Mumbai. It was a Model X imported...