How Diversify Your Income


Hello Guys i will give you some tip to diversify your income.

In our current life it is really important have more than one source of income to survive in this tough world, the more diversified your income is the safe you are from financial deprivation. If you fail in one income source you always have another one. It is not always easy to maintain multiple work at same time, but if you could give fixed time to each work it might help you with financial deprivation. You are more financially stable with more source of income, you can have more savings and make your future more stable.

First thing you should classify your expense accordingly, what are your expense, listing your monthly bill, monthly grocery, loans etc. If you could analyze your expense properly you can earn money for all the expense and save a lot of money. There are various ways to earn extra money other than your regular day job (9-5) which covers all your monthly expense.  For some it could be their business and for others its their day-to-day job.

I have some ideas to diversify your income

1)Stock market
This is a really good way of earning some extra cash per month. Though it is not that easy, but if you do a little research and put little money you can do this. But you need a constant watch on the stocks you invest. Now a days it is easy to keep and eye on your stocks with everything being online. Please look at my stock tips article and how to invest article for help.

Freelancing means your self-employed. In today’s world freelancing is one of the important means of earning money for many youngsters. Many have opted freelancing as their regular way of earning money.

3)Provide a service or sell a product
You can pursue your hobby and provide it as a service,like

  1. Writing
  2. Consulting
  3. Teaching

You could write online blogs or start your own online blog, you can teach or consult part time. Though these are some ways to earn, but still there are some serious efforts you would require in building up clients for these services.

On other hand you can create a nice product and earn royalty. If you are a web/software developer you can develop apps and sell online and earn. You can write E books, Sell stock Photo online.

There are different ways of investments.

You can invest in Mutual Fund which is good for long-term returns. Mutual funds are one of the safe way to invest you money. In Mutual fund you need to invest for a period of 3 to 5 years for good return. But if you are not looking for long-term you can go for stock market, fixed deposit, recurring deposit.

You can also invest in real estate which can give you a handsome return, but for this you need a good amount of money saved up. If you are looking for tenants and renting out the property you need to spend some time and put some efforts into finding right tenants.

These are some ideas, using these you can diversify your income, but you need to be careful cause taking too much at a time can cause failure.

It is best to get one thing mastered and then add another source of income.

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