Yoga is not a moment of happiness that accidentally forays into your life or a bout of sad emotion that triggers your demons but a continuous journey that teaches you to live life. The art teaches you that life is not only walking on a path of roses but also eggshells and that too with a smile on the face. Yoga preaches the art of acceptance in the most brilliant way. How do you know your worth? Do you need to depend upon someone for this short-lived happiness?

It is when you become fully aware of yourself, identify the roadblocks and level up in the game is when you achieve the higher consciousness. The art of Yoga & meditation helps you in becoming more conscious and woke. Here’s how you can harness its power:

Power of Concentration

With focus and clear vision, one can achieve anything in life. This holds so much importance in your daily lives, routines, and mundane activities as well. Apart from diet, a correct physical workout regimen plays a huge role in determining your mental health. There are several studies published on authority websites that highlight Yoga poses like Hatha, which encourages psycho-physical body balance, better sleep cycles, and thereby enhanced consciousness.

Brain Activities

Brain activities include a huge number of bodily functions, such as sleep cycle, biological clock, release of neurotransmitters, connecting with the gut and more. With so much in hand already, your brain definitely needs proper nutrition in the form of both food and lifestyle changes. According to a published scientific report, the art of Yoga improves the REM sleep cycles, balances the ramped-up stress levels, and brings about a harmony in mind-body-spirit combination.

Serotonin Levels

Life is about having fun and it always has been that way but stress and workload hinders you from realizing the fact. The stress in your daily life is something that you just cannot ignore bit you can surely manage it. Yoga massages the internal organs, improves the connection between the gut and your brain, and thereby catalyzes the production of neurotransmitters. One of the many happy hormones is serotonin, which is responsible for deep sleep, and biological clock. There are studies that prove the efficacy of Yoga on their levels in human body.

Depression & Anxiety

There have been a number of studies pertinent to Depression and Anxiety in people of varied ages and sex. However, the summary of the entire research clearly indicates the correlation between your gut and your current mental health. Apart from various dietary changes, Yoga and mindfulness meditation unclogs any trapped pathways for energies to flow freely. Moreover, asanas like Savasana, Balasana, and more helps in proper circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body. This often helps with conditions like Autism, Depression and other mental health concerns.


Drifting away from many scientific reasons why Yoga can help you in profound ways, it would be foolish to ignore the spiritual side to this. Going through your spiritual awakening will be like walking on a path full of thorns and sharp-edged stones. You shall face your fears, demons, and weaknesses in the worst way possible. Mindfulness meditation, for instance, opens the Third Eye Chakraso that you receive the perfect visions of your future, goals become clearer, and you understand your life’s purpose. Moreover, you come in terms with the harsh realities of life-limited time on this planet and DEATH.

Raising Boundaries

How many times have you tried to say NO to someone but failed? How many times have you tried breaking free from a relationship but choose to stay in the abusive trap? Lacking healthy boundaries in life can not only bring you down as a person but also impair your thinking abilities and self-esteem. Yoga is about learning to liberate your soul, free your mind, and de-clutter your life. Once you start making the right moves, your life comes back on track. You learn to say NO to people, raise healthy boundaries and stop giving yourself to unreciprocated bout of feelings.

Clear Headspace

You might not need a clean room but you surely do need a clear mind. Clear mind space is essential for better decision-making abilities, string relationships, and for performing your best at workplace. There are many ways you can utilize Yoga for achieving a clear headspace and mental clarity. Some of the ideas could be going on a Yoga retreat, holidaying in a spiritual retreat destination, or Ayurveda retreat somewhere away from your home town. New place, fresh vibes, and quality time with your loved ones shall help you decipher the true meaning of life and attain higher consciousness.


What does self-worth mean? Knowing your own worth is probably the first step towards building healthy boundaries around. Yogic scriptures say that mindfulness meditation and Yoga forms like Kundalini Yoga or Tantric Yoga awakens your dormant soul, fuels your ambitions, and teaches you to keep your mindset on the pedestal. Now, how can it help you? By recognizing your true powers, talent, and ambition, you will be able to project a better version of yourself out in the world and there will be a greater sense of self-awareness. Now, if this is not becoming conscious, then what is?

Quality of Life

All this boils down to one thing- “How can I lead a quality life?” It is not clear to you that just money and a car or a big house is not enough to offer you the best life. You need a correct dose of everything. The art of Yoga and meditation helps you to center yourself, bring all scattered emotions to one place and balance the Chakras for better health. Stress and family responsibilities can actually bog you down and dampen the quality of life. Make sure you live each moment by including Yoga in your life.

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