How to invest and types of stocks and investment

stock investment process

Hello Guys I will give some tips for Stock investment. Always invest in stocks with proper study and analyzing the stock you want to invest. The risk in stocks is high but if you invest properly with good knowledge you will earn good profit.

Below I have mentioned steps for investment.Good Luck!

In Above image you can find the basic steps on how to invest in stock market.

1)Open a De-mat Account
This account is necessary to hold your shares and securities, unlike in old days we use to have physical certificate of all the shares we hold. De-mat account is much easier and safer way to hold your shares and securities, and you don’t have to physically manage all your share certificates. You can open a De-mat Account with any investment broker firm(Share Khan, Motilal Oswal etc).

2)Analyze Stock
There are plenty of stocks to buy from, but you need to pick your stocks wisely. Don’t go for any random stocks, select some stocks and analyze them to maximize your profit. You can use sites like Money control to analyze using the graphs, you can search for any stock their and look for the graphs for past 5 years to current day. It shows how the was the stock movement in the past.

3)Monitor Stocks
Watch the stocks after investing in them, you need a constant watch cause the market could be volatile and it changes quickly. You can monitor stocks in your online portfolio site or you can see it in Money control, just put the name of the stock and watch live. There is also lots of other sites available online to watch your stock.

4)Type of order
There are various process in ordering a stock. First you need to select BUY or SELL according to the market, then select

a)Futures on Indices(FUTIDX)
b)Futures on stock(FUTSTK)
c)Futures on Currency(FUTCUR)
a)Option on Indices(FUTIDX)
b)Option on stock(FUTSTK)
c)Option on Currency(FUTCUR)

Then Select the exchange NSE or BSE

5)Place Your Order
After this just click on confirm button your order will be placed. Every Stock Broking agency has some different methods, but this is the basic steps to follow.

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