Reasons Aliens might or might not invade us

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This is a very bizarre topic I am going to write about. I am just experimenting by writing about aliens. I do not know whether aliens exist or not, but I suppose there is a possibility that some kind of alien life exist in our solar system or in our galaxy. There could be an advanced race of life, much advanced than us or just a microorganism form of life, anything is possible. This is a topic for debate for only those who has little interest on this topic, otherwise for rest of us it is a stupid thing to talk about. So today I will list out why aliens might or might not invade earth. Though these are only hypothesis nothing can be proved exactly.

Reasons for Alien invading earth


There is a huge distance between us and other star system. Even if the aliens travel at sub light speed it will take few years to reach us. That is not good if they are planning to take over our planet, because they will need a lot of resources to do that. But what if they are just assembling themselves just outside our solar system near Kuiper belt.

Though lot of people will say we can see if aliens are around our solar system, but that is only true if it is one of the known planet like Venus, Mars, Jupiter etc. But we cannot see to farthest reach of our solar system. There is a speculation that their might be one or two large planets in the outer reach of our solar system due to gravitational weirdness which is felt.

Yes, we can see other solar systems using Hubble telescope, but it is only possible due to light available by the star near those planets. In our solar system Pluto hardly receives sun rays, so beyond that point it is really hard to see without proper light source. So we do not know for sure what could be their right now.

If Aliens want our Sun

There are billions of stars in our milky way, with every star surrounded by 1000 of planets. And sun is not only star present in our galaxy, some of the stars are red and orange dwarf and some of them are big and brighter but do not last long.

If we need to build a sustaining life-like here on Earth, we need a star which is a long-lasting energy source that can provide for billions of years. Our Sun is a perfect star outshining 90% of the star in our milky way. So a stable and long-lasting star like Sun is not that common so if aliens might want to harvest the energy from our Sun they might attack us and take over our sun and start colonizing.

War is Common in advanced civilization

We are an advanced civilization with increasing technology every day. We have seen two wars at a large-scale and know what comes after that. There are constant small-scale wars keeps on going around the world. War is a common thing for us and are always ready to get to war. What if this true for aliens also, they might also be war prone like us.

There are nuclear explosion and other poisons gas leaks during war, but it has not gone at global scale all together where we need to evacuate our planet completely. Only small-scale effects are seen. But what if we get into that kind of war, we would definitely try to go to another planet. But we cannot do that because we do not have that kind of technology.

If aliens have a same situation and they had a war on their planet and if they wanted to evacuate. They would search for other planets for survival and let’s say they have the technology to do this. Aliens might visit our planet as it has perfect conditions for life. It sounds like a movie plot, which indeed what all alien movie plots are. But think for a second if we can think this way that aliens might come on our planet for survival, why can’t this be a real case.

To save our planet

We are moving quickly towards technology. It has been only 150 years since we are advancing technologically. And we have advanced quite fast in last century. We have reached space and are trying to colonize Mars.

What if an alien species advance than us are looking at us right now and invaded us just to protect us from advancing so quickly towards technology and destroying ourselves and our solar system. They might have seen this kind of destruction around them before and they do not want us to destroy our self and loose a precious intelligent life forms. Or they might be planning to invade us in future for colonizing and we will destroy this planet before they arrive.

We are Threat

We might think what kind of threat we are to aliens. It is just like; a super power country is stopping a developing country from manufacturing advance weapons. As long as we don’t create something which puts threat on them they will just watch us.

We are exploring planets in our solar system, we have almost sent probes to all planets in our solar system. This case would be opposite to the above case. If we colonize Mars aliens might treat us like a threat and try to eliminate us. We have our first man-made object Voyager-1 which has left our solar system. This exactly won’t put threat on aliens but they might be alerted and start watching our moves. And someday when we create some interstellar device which can travel near to light speed, they might attack us.

We are also in the verge of creating AI, but we have not created any advance level yet. But we will in near future. We will keep advancing in developing AI, this is what we do as a human. And someday if we create some kind of robot that can imitate us and try to explore space and create interstellar technology. We will definitely be a threat to any aliens, as these robots might visit those planets where life exist and takeover.

What if aliens are AI

We do not know what kind of life might be present outside earth. It might be biological or machine being, or something we cannot imagine. We only know what we have learnt and what we think, beyond that we do not know anything.

If an advance machine intelligent life is present and it is watching us right now. And saw that we are getting into developing AI. And somehow we stop at a point where AI is not that advance as a self-intelligent life. Those alien might invade us so that we built self-intelligent AI or they want to build itself and use us as a biological labour force.

Reasons for Alien not invading earth

There is plenty of room and resources

We see a vast space outside our earth and solar system. There is plenty of room and resources present. We see billions of stars in our galaxy itself, and none of them have habitable planet life our earth. At least we have not found out about it.

Even if an alien species wants to invade us why would they want to travel here which is quite far away and crowded. Instead they might go to a star and planet which would be near to them and easy to invade, as there are plenty of stars and planets.

We don’t make good labour

If aliens want a huge fleet of labour they might want to invade our planet. But as we are seeing in our own planet biological labour requirement is going down and everything is replaced by machine and automation. If this is same with aliens, there is no point of invading us from a slavery point of view. Which is the base of most alien based movies.

Any alien who is capable of travelling to our planet would already be advance enough to have a fleet of robots for doing their work. Humans always create problems a robot does not do that unless it is a highly advance intelligent robot.

Our planet is Useless

Every sci-fi alien movie shows that aliens have visited us for some raw material like water, energy or materials. It is seen that abundant water is available in our solar system and in our galaxy in liquid or frozen form. Just for water they would not travel here and spend other resources on invading us, because it would be a long process of invading us and taking away the water. Instead they can get water from anywhere in our galaxy.

If they invaded us for energy there are billions of stars in our galaxy itself why would they want our sun. And most of the material from which our planet is made of, is already present in the universe, our earth is created from the particles present in the universe.

For aliens if our planet is inhabitable and the condition here are not suitable for them there is no point in invading us. Same way we cannot survive anywhere but earth, even in water without technology. Same goes for aliens, they would need technology to survive on earth.

We are ants for aliens

We see ants everywhere and every day, but we don’t bother them unless they come in our way. Some scientist takes interest for some studies, even they do not destroy ant hill frequently.

What if we are ants to other alien life? Aliens may be billions of years advanced than us and we are just an ant hill for them. Just like an ant hill which you saw somewhere in a remote Indian village, which you visited once. You are not going to go back and bother it right. That ant hill may not even exist anymore. Just like for aliens we may not exist anymore.


This is same point I discussed in reasons aliens would invade us. Just think about the distance in our space. We take minimum 6 months to travel to mars, and that is a lot of time. So imagine how much time an alien species which is 1 million light years away would take.

What we see in space is older than what currently is, like we are seeing 6 months old mars. Because it takes us minimum 6 months to travel, so what we have seen when we left earth may not be same at the time we reach mars.

It is very small when compared to light years distance to other solar systems. If an alien species wanted to invade us, which is around 1 million light years away, would be seeing us as a primitive planet with no technical advancement and weapons. So if they came to invade us thinking we are a primitive planet, they would be surprised as they reached close to us and found that we are an advance race with technology and weaponry and it would be difficult for them to attack us with current level of supplies with them.

We are dangerous

We have massive nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs and other deadly weapons. Aliens on other hand might not be as advance as us and for them we are a super power.

We have reached to this technology quiet quickly, less than a century. This clear sends a sign to any alien race, that we are a fast growing and dangerous species and invading us would cause them instead. Even if some aliens succeed in invading us we can destroy those bombs and make this planet inhabitable with few hours for our visitors.

This is just a personal belief, it does not mean that aliens exist or they are going to attack us. It is just a topic that i wanted to share with my readers.

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