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Artificial Intelligence is a fad in the tech town and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it is enabling machines to imitate human intelligence which is going to unimaginably beneficial for mankind. If you are aware of the mania caused by AI in the business world and how steep the demand for Artificial Intelligence professionals is going to be in the near future, it is natural to seek a job relating to this branch of science. That being the case, the latest infographic by ARTIBA (Artificial Intelligence Board of America) – Top 10 AI Jobs & The Best Places to Find Them will prove to be helpful for you during your quest for the perfect AI job.

Artificial Intelligence is making waves all around the world of commerce and industries are investing in AI projects to enhance efficiency, minimize operational costs, upgrade the customer experience and increase the revenues. Hence, they require bright minds of the tech domain who can support them in their journey of optimizing Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning in the pursuance of multiplying their profits.

Scope of AI in jobs

Therefore, the scope of a career in AI is huge. According to the ARTIBA infographic, the AI job postings have increased by 29.1 % over the past year. So, now is the best time to start a career as an AI engineer and reap a myriad of benefits that it has to offer. The charm of an AI job in today’s business scenario is that there is a long list of job positions that you can choose from. In simpler words, you do not have to go into one specific area of work since you have several options that you can choose from as per your sphere of interest.

Here are the top 10 roles in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

1.    Machine Learning Engineer – 75%

2.    Deep Learning Engineer – 60.9%

3.    Senior Data Scientist – 58.1%

4.    Computer Vision Engineer – 55.2%

5.    Data Scientist – 52.1%

6.    Algorithm Developer – 46.9%

7.    Junior Data Scientist – 45.7%

8.    Developer Consultant – 44.5%

9.    Director of Data Scientist – 41.5%

10.    Lead Data Scientist – 32.7%

Once you are clear regarding the role that will suit you the best, the first question that arises is – Where can I find a suitable AI job?

Top 10 cities that have the highest number of job vacancies in the AI domain

The ARTIBA infographic can make this task easier for you by providing a list of the top 10 cities that have the highest number of job vacancies in the AI domain. Take a look:

1.    New York

2.    San Francisco

3.    Washington

4.    San Jose

5.    Seattle

6.    Boston

7.    Los Angeles

8.    Chicago

9.    Dallas Fort Worth

10.    Atlanta

Now, if you are wondering how to become a part of the AI space, earning an AI Engineer Certificate can be your safest bet as per multiple surveys and studies. The infographic also shows how lucrative it is to become an AI engineer at this point in time as employers are ready to pay a great deal of money to people with AI skills.

So, earn an AI Engineer Certification today!

ARTIBA infographic

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