height safety

Life is precious and whatever kind of work it may be, it should be accomplished or carried out with adept precautionary measures to safeguard oneself against all sort of life-risking scopes. Working at heights is inevitably a life-risking job. However, millions of workers around the world earn their bread and butter by doing such kind of jobs. While in most parts of the world, adhering to safety measures while attempting such height oriented services is simply recommended, in Australia it is actually enacted as a government empowered rule.

Statistical Record of Height Injuries and Death

Australia’s Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice demands that the designers of height safety equipments must keep in mind the maximum elimination of height hazard risks, emphasizing the ultimate importance of height-safety-design. In Australia, almost 28% of the death cases recorded was due to fall from a height which was a major concern for authorities. The loopholes in design of safety equipment or faulty precautionary measures taken during the work are the most common reasons behind such fatal number of cases. The actual count of death of workers due to fall from a height was recorded to be 359 in a year. The importance of height safety design gathered immense concern right from this period when it was discovered that most of these death cases were from a mere fall from three meters or less.

Therein a generalized risk management program was initiated to strengthen the use of different height safety design equipments like walkways, guard railings, access ropes, anchor points, ladders etc in order to achieve an optimum scale of security. The entire program made it mandatory to use technically advanced equipments to ensure:

  • Proper training, skill improving sessions and equipment handling. Emergency management programs must be initiated to enhance the proper use of height safety design most appropriately.
  • A worker engaged in height oriented work must-have essential and abundant anchoring support, protective guarding with harnessing, walkways, guard railings, etc.
  • High-quality ladders or rope accesses must be used, and emergency exit must be checked before a worker engages into the job.

Hiring Professional Height Safety Design Management Team

The task of these teams is to design customized Height Safety Design System as per the specific requirement and work model of the client. An expert consultant of the design management team conducts thorough and detailed analysis of the clients workspace. They also analyze scope of risks, required model to enhance safety level, and accordingly create a dedicated height safety design as per the State regulated safety measures and standards. This entire procedure is accomplished in few distinct stages:

  • Site visit
  • Analysis and assessment of risks
  • Detailed meeting of the height safety design team and architect
  • Charting out a dedicated plan
  • Approval by the client
  • Implementation of height safety tools and equipments

The designing and planning of a height safety design and the according implementation of so is dedicated to improve and enhance the safe working environment for workers and managing the scope of height oriented life and injury risks.

Ever since the Act for designing a height safety management program in every business associated with heights has been enacted, it has undergone several changes. Therefore, it is essential to get your business with height safety design recertified and rechecked every year, in order to keep up with the current government standards. An expert height safety design service provider also provides recertification, rechecking, analyzing and upgrading programs and services to existing safety designs. Therefore, whether you already have a safety design or not, getting your workspace checked and revamping the safety design is always wiser than risking a life.



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