6 Essential Hardware Products for Your Startup

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No matter the type of business you are starting, you will need to make some of the essential hardware products as a part of your startup plan. This investment of hardware for your business can bring many benefits to your startup. As it can help you automate routine tasks, improve your business efficiency, enhance your customer service and sometimes even extend your business offer.

As the hardware you choose for your staff will be used on a daily basis. You will need to be certain that the equipment you buy will be reliable, run smoothly and be with you for several years. A purchase from higher-end manufacturers, if you can afford it, can prove to be cost-efficient.

A laptop or a PC

computer for business


The first part of the hardware decision you should make is what kind of computer you will provide your employees with. Deciding on whether you will invest in a personal computer or a laptop can depend on the type of business you are running. And how much of the work needs to be done remotely, as well as from the type of office space you will be working at.

If you are thinking about working in an open office space. For example, having a laptop that can be easily moved around is a far better option than a PC.

As your business will not be able to operate without a computer, make this the central part of your purchase and be prepared to invest a bit more money accordingly.

When making a choice on the computer for your business, opt for a solution which is:

  • reliable
  • reputable
  • requires minimal upkeep
  • has a user-friendly interface.

This kind of smart purchase can save you and your employees from a great deal of stress.

If you already own an operating system or additional hardware, make sure your laptop or PC is compatible with them, or be prepared to buy new software solutions.

A Wi-Fi router

router for business


No matter the type of business you are in, a connection to the Internet is imperative. Every startup needs a router to connect multiple devices while offering a fast and reliable connection to every user.

You need to assess several other things when it comes to making a decision on a Wi-Fi router, such as:

  • choose whether your business needs multiple networks,
  • determine the size of the space your router needs to cover,
  • decide whether you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • determine the level of security your connection needs.

Depending on the type of router you need, the prices can vary significantly. So choose the one which fits your business as well as your budget.

Mobile devices

mobile for business


With a variety of business applications offered, mobile devices have penetrated everyday business activities. Especially when the part of the work you do is remote.

Providing your employees with a tablet or a smartphone, equipped with work applications that help them finish certain tasks out of the office. This can bring a significant boost in your business productivity and compensate for the investment cost.

A multi-function printer

Hardware Products for your business


Even if you’re opting for paperless business, you will need a hard copy of certain documents, such as contracts and legal documents, every now and then.  

Many printers come with additional functions that are important for your business – scanning, copying, and faxing. If your budget allows, opt for one of these multi-function solutions.

Depending on the niche, your business might require a professional solution that will offer outstanding printing quality at high printing speeds. So consider purchasing high-quality OKI pro printers to make sure that your and your customer’s requirements are met.

A server solution

Even though servers have been a part of the necessary hardware equipment for your business until recently, the rise of cloud-based solutions made them optional.

When thinking about building a network, which can support databases and email applications. It will provide security to the users and offer them the possibility to back up their data. You need to decide whether you want to rely on the cloud or have a physical server-based solution of your own.

Your decision will depend mostly on your budget and the type of business you are in. A high-quality server will grant you a fast CPU speed and a large disk storage capacity, as well as a capability to be quickly repaired.

No matter what your choice is, make sure it is efficient, reliable and secure, as you wouldn’t want to risk compromising or losing your important and sensitive data.

An external hard drive

Hardware Products for your business


Some startups may require external hard drives as a part of essential hardware if they don’t want to store the information on PCs or use the cloud.

By storing important information on your external hard drive, you can make your data secure and portable in case of emergency or accidents, leading to data loss.

If your data needs to be secured, be sure to password protect it so that it won’t be easily accessible if your external drive is lost or stolen.

As you choose the right hardware for your business, it will be a significant asset to running your business, make your choice wisely. If you don’t consider yourself to be very tech-savvy, ask someone who is into tech to help you with this.

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