Augmented Reality is an ability to overlay any digital or virtual layer into real world. It was started in 1962 with and simulator called sensorama. Sensorama was a mechanical device, which includes a stereoscopic color display, fans, odor emitters, stereo‐sound system, and a motional chair. While it still functions today, audiences cannot interact with it.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augment means to enhance something. Augmented reality (AR) is adding graphics, sounds, and touch feedback to the real world to enhance user experience. AR is adding something to the real world for the user which is computer generated usually motion tracked. In simple words, it is a digital addition to the user’s world.

You can use AR for various purpose like to see any product like AC, TV in real-time inside your house using a mobile app, and take decision by placing that product in places inside your house. This will give you exact idea how that product will look in your house.

It is also used to diagnosing any issue with your consumer durable and also used as manuals for your products showing real-time instructions. AR is also used for Lego toys; you can see this in a Lego store. Take a Lego box and show it in front of a screen with a camera and you can see the entire model animated in the screen.

AR can be used in education and medical sectors. You can display objects on tables, show messages on floating windows. It is a good way to persuade your consumers and make them a customer, a great marketing technique.

Real World Example

First ever AR application was found in USA’s fighter jets HUD (heads up display). A transparent glass screen was used to project the symbols of other planes and missiles, which helped pilots to see and aim better. Now a-days HUD is used in cars which shows speed navigation in the windscreen.

We know Pokemon go it was one form of AR.

All the face-filters you use in Instagram and Snapchats are a form of AR.

It is used in surgical procedures which helps to reduce the risk of operation.

Google Glass are a form of AR, Google lens is also a form of augmented reality, with these google is trying to get into augmented reality.

Ikea is using augmented reality, for persuading customer to buy their furniture. They are providing an app through which you can place their furniture in your home and see how good it looks.

Sky Map uses AR to show stars and planets through your mobile screen in real world.

Augmented Reality is widely is used in a primitive way, this is because we do not have proper hardware and software match that can take us to an augmented city. But if this gets in sync we can see an attractive augmented experiences by 2025.


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