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Most of us dream of working in a company which has very original and interesting offices. Working in dull environment is never motivating, and this is the reason why today, companies opt for much more interesting interior designs and try to make the office more playful.

Of course, not every office can be the headquarters of Google, which are perhaps the most fun office space ever invented. However, there are also other, less-known offices that are super cool. Take a look:

AirBnB, Dublin

AirBnB is one of the most popular websites at the moment, especially for all the world travelers. Their headquarters in Dublin is dubbed “The Warehouse” and is one of the most original offices in the world at the moment. The focal point of the office is the central staircase which serves as the lounge area for all the employees. However, this space also serves as a gathering space for conferences and other events, which is a great idea. Why is this space shared by everyone? Because their idea is that you can “belong anywhere”, which reflects the nature of their website. Original, right?

4 Super Cool Tech Design Offices

Squarespace Global, New York

Minimalism and being eco-friendly are two very popular notions nowadays, and this is exactly what the people from Squarespace Global know. Their headquarters in New York was designed so that every element can project their credo – “Good design means coalescing hundreds of details into a package that is simple and beautiful”. What’s very cool is the fact that the offices are located in the historic Maltz Building, which was a printing house back in 1926. This is the proof that you don’t have to go big in order to have great offices – a minimalistic approach with high-quality TV wall mounts and plenty of plants will do more than enough. Another thing that makes the headquarters of this company great is the fact that they feature versatile spaces which allow employees to easily transfer from working solo to working as a team.

4 Super Cool Tech Design Offices

Dropbox, Sydney

If you’ve always wanted to have a large game room for an office, then perhaps you should send your resume to Dropbox and join their team in Sydney. This great company lets its employees play games in a video game room, play ping pong or go for an afternoon swim. It’s a great mixture of high-design and being laid-back, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to work here and work extra hours as well! The whole office space is made with modern ceiling beams and light wood tons, and the very bright color scheme makes the space even more inviting and vivacious. Dropbox also announced the expansion of the headquarters in 2019, so what will that be like?

4 Super Cool Tech Design Offices

ZEO Xinwei, Kiev

Many companies tend to make and design offices that will be quite user-friendly but also very laid-back and relaxing, thus motivating their workers to spend some extra time in the office and feel like at home. However, the company ZEO Xinwei from Kiev made their office completely futuristic. The whole futuristic design was inspired by nature itself. It has huge chrome drops that represent water, a plant wall that symbolizes the Earth and ethanol fueled fireplaces that represent another element, fire. It’s a great way to fuse futurism and nature into one – definitely an office that should be checked out sometimes.

4 Super Cool Tech Design Offices

It’s amazing to what extent a person can be original, and this can definitely be seen in the design of some of the greatest companies’ offices. Why not send a CV there and see if they have any openings? If you’re lucky enough, that could be your next office!



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