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We all know that digital marketing is an important factor for your business to grow. Offline marketing is the base, but with that, you need digital marketing to expand to newer market at a lower price. Digital marketing is a much cheaper way to reach a targeted audience.

Talking about cost, it is always a matter of concern for businesses (mostly for startups). That’s why digital marketing comes really handy and can really help you grow your brand in a short duration. If you need to know about digital marketing click here.

Why go Digital?

Why am I stressing so much to go for digital marketing, you might wonder? It is clearly because we as a user always search online before buying anything, heck we search for all things on google first. If we want information about something we search online, we want to buy a product we search online, we want to find an address we search online.

So you see the number of potential customers is there for your business online, don’t you want to capture them, if yes start using digital marketing from today for your business. No matter what kind of business you have small or big you should go digital, even if you have a great customer base offline you should go digital.

I have seen people saying that I have enough customers for my business why I need to get my business online, they are wrong. What they do not realize is that they are losing on potential customers. I agree that they are afraid and do not know how things work digitally, but people like us are there to help them and create awareness about digital marketing.

People are always afraid of change and trying new things, but in this case, you don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to approach a digital marketer and a website developer and contact them and ask them how things work out.

Before all this, you have to remember that digital marketing is an easy and less expensive process than usual offline marketing. We all have social media profiles, how easy was it to create. Digital marketing is also creating a social account for your business and promoting it. You have to know that you are losing around 60% of business by not opting for digital marketing.

Let’s talk some stats

You might wonder that there are still a lot of areas who do not have access to the internet, how will they see your ads. Yes, you are right but 51% of the world population has access to the internet and around 35% of the Indian population has access to the internet. You would say this is a very less market to capture but see the recent trend change in the below chart.

internet-users-indiaYou can see how the usage rate has increased in the past few years in India. This shows that more and more people have started using the internet and digital medium. Surely it is less than other mediums of marketing. But this is the area to tap right now so that you would have the advantage of getting in at the right time. You can see another usage graph here. If you start spending some money into the digital medium from right now, 5 years down the line when people will start using the digital medium you will already have a good chunk of users build for your business.

I have been saying go digital for a couple of minutes now. Let me tell you how to approach and what’s steps to be used to actually start using the Digital platform. I will discuss some tools using which can help you grow your business faster.

Build a Website


First, build a website that is user-friendly i.e. the website should be fast, content should be clear and readable, fonts and color combination should not trouble the user. After this, your website should be mobile-ready (Responsive website) and should be compatible with any device and browser.

Now get a good domain name for your website which clearly stats the nature of your business. The domain name can be the brand name of your business if available. Go to and search your domain name. With a domain, you need hosting, where you can host the files of the website. Select a proper hosting because a lot of things are depended on your hosting like site speed, a number of users your website can handle, etc.

Again Godaddy will help you with that, get to the website and get that too. Both domain and hosting are the recurring expense yearly for your business. You also have to add the analytics code by registering your website with google analytics. Using this you can track and analyze everything that happens on your website.

Bigrock is also a better option for domain and hosting.

If you are through this step, then now you should concentrate on content on the website. I can help you with this step contact me if you need to build a new website or change the existing one.

Content Writing

content writing

Content is an important aspect when comes to the ranking of your website. Good content always is preferred by all search engines. What is good content, a content which is short crisp and easy to read? It should have keywords that you are using to promote your content. But remember keywords should be limited in the content do not overload with it. For more content tips use this link, they have given some good tips for content writing.

Properly follow SEO habits you can find all the SEO practices here. If you properly follow all the SEO techniques definitely you can have good content on your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


You must have read the SEO practices. The most important thing is to have a focus keyword. For having a focus keyword, you need to do keyword research and see what are people searching for related to your content. For example, if you are writing about digital marketing you should have a focus keyword that people are searching like “Learn about digital marketing” or “what is digital marketing” etc. Just use this link, or search for keyword tool on google.

Having a proper on-page and off-page SEO would boast your website drastically without even paying a single penny, i.e. only if you know how to do SEO, or you can hire an SEO expert.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEMImage Courtesy WIX

SEM is search engine marketing, now this is also for ranking in search engines, but you are paying the search engines to rank your website. You can use ad words for ranking on google. The price varies from keyword to keyword. The search engine will charge you for every click to your website which is called PPC (Pay Per Click) or you can use CPM cost per impression. CPM means for every 1000 impression (how many times people saw your ad in the search but did not click it) of your ad you are charged. CPM can be less effective because it is not guaranteeing conversion, but in PPC the visitor has seen your website which can result in a conversion.

Though unlike SEO SEM depends on bidding, the highest bidder result is shown on the top. The bid is the amount you pay for every click or 1000 impression. But sometimes google also ranks the lower bidder to top rank. Why because google sees that people are clicking the second link more and are preferring that website, so google will automatically rank that website to top.

Email Marketing

Email MarketingImage courtesy

This might be a familiar topic because we receive a lot of junk emails about different things, Sometimes we receive these emails if we subscribe to certain websites, but sometimes we do not even subscribe yet we receive emails about that product or services. You as a business owner need to have a list of the email address to whom you can send your promotional offers. You can either get it by keeping a subscribe button on your website or buy the email list from companies. Then by using Mail Chimp or Zoho you can create email campaigns and send emails.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Now comes everybody favorite part, everyone loves to have a social account and share things to everyone. What is the benefit of this as a business owner? Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram shows ads to their user using what that person is searching on search engines. For example, if you search for the latest mobile phones on Google, you will see related ads on these social media sites. If you don’t believe me try it and see for yourself.

You need to have accounts of these social media for your business and increase your followers on these platforms by posting awesome article and images which shows off your product or services. You also need to add keywords with everything you post. These keywords help you reach new followers.

Unlike SEO and SEM here also you can either post for free or run ads. The ads start at as low as Rs 40/day which will help you get 20-40 clicks for your website. You can customize your ads completely according to your needs. For example, if you don’t want clicks for your website you just want followers and likes or you just want to target people around your location or spread it worldwide. Use this link for Facebook and Instagram.

Important Aspects to Grow your business online

  • Determine your goals
  • Have a target audience so that you can reach out to them in a systematic way, and know their likes and dislikes
  • Have a proper jotted budget for achieving your goals
  • Build a user-friendly website
  • Create awesome content that would be relevant and keep your audience interested
  • Have social media accounts where you can share your content to reach your audience and keep them updated
  • Develop and Build your Content Calendar – absolutely essential for success
  • Use Google Analytics to analyze your performance and do the required changes

So I think I have given you a broad idea about digital marketing and its importance for your business. I hope now some business owners will start using the digital platform to promote their business. Selling something online is not only a way of going digital, but you can also create an awareness for your brand.

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Check out my Infographic about Digital Marketing.

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