What is Asbestos?

It is a term for six naturally occurring silicate minerals made up of microscopic fibrils. When this fibre is released into atmosphere it is harmful for your lungs if you breath it.

Many companies make tall claims that they are always striving hard to provide material testing for asbestos as a new dimension. Even though they might have the accreditation for it. It is still in the best interest to conduct research before choosing the right agency to test it. The choice should be based on the testing methods used by the agency. Some of the methods used by agencies to test asbestos is following: –


Checking for Asbestos Signs

It was used during the years 1920 and 1989 in the construction. After this period, asbestos testing agencies, came into prominence to regulate the presence of this fibre in any establishment. In addition to finding the fibre in walls of the buildings, in geysers, flooring, pipes, electrical wiring, and many more. These days, materials that do not contain this fibre, are labelled that they do not have the fibre in their material.

Hiring an Agency for Testing Asbestos

There are many agencies for testing this fibre, like asbestos testing. The contractor should be usually certified by the EPA. This is because the agencies need to be appropriately trained before taking up the job in hand. They should have the right personal protection equipment to carry out the tests in a regulated manner.

How the Area Needs to Be Prepared?


Since the process of testing this fibre can disrupt and harm the environment, the testing agency should take a lot of precautions to ensure that everyone is safe before conducting the tests. All the agencies follow basic guidelines such as:

  • It is best to evacuate everyone from home before conducting the tests.
  • They must seal the room completely.
  • Turn off the fans and air conditioning systems that circulate the asbestos.

Understand the Importance of the Testing Procedure

When a certified contractor, is hired, there are a number of rules and protocols that one need to follow. One of these rules include the members of the house wearing the right kind of equipment when the tests are being conducted. The following steps are usually used for tests:

  • A plastic sheet will be used to seal the area where the samples are collected.
  • The area that needs to be tested is sprayed with water to ensure that the fibers do not get into the air.
  • A sharp tool should be used to cut the substance to be tested and obtain a fiber sample.
  • A small sample of fibers suspected to contain asbestos are sealed and sent to the lab for testing.

Test Results

All agencies, collect this fibre sample for testing and send it along to the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program located at the National Institute of Standards. If the sample shows as positive for asbestos, it means that the area should be either repaired or removed of the asbestos present in that area.

Repairing the Sample that Contains Asbestos

All agencies, including asbestos testing Dallas, ensure that the fibers containing asbestos do not distribute into the air. Even though it might look like it is better to destroy these fibre, the best option is to repair it. Repairs should be carried out by certified professionals in order to ensure that they take place in an adequate manner. If the asbestos is present in the floor, they should be covered with a new flooring.


In spite of removing all the asbestos materials, there are still that exist in the environment. People should learn to live safely with these asbestos laced materials. Everyone has to be cautious to ensure that asbestos is not disturbed. It is harmful from health point of view.


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