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It is not always that the gift you buy comes in a sturdy box. Some gifts can be wrapped without a box but with most, gift-wrapping feels much easier when there is a box. Some of the boxes are fancy enough to present them as they are without a wrapping paper. Are you wondering how to make a gift box for a birthday?

There are several ways to do it and the good news is that for many of these ideas you do not have to be very crafty to make it happen. A handful of supplies would get you there.

Here are some ideas to help you create a gift box for a birthday gift that we have outlined with the help of the best gift adviser website: –

Use A Paper Tube

There are many ways to create a gift box out of paper tubes. These could be the long ones from a kitchen roll or a small one from the toilet paper roll. For tiny gifts like candies or even jewellery, keychain, and small figurines, you can use a paper tube as the gifts box.

Most of them are strong enough to provide a secure storage space that protects the gift from damage. You can wrap the tube as you would normally wrap any circular or cylindrical gifts or even use a candy wrapper like a gift wrapping style.

Another way to use a paper tube as a gift box is to fold the edges on both sides. You can then tie a string or a ribbon and your gift is ready in its own fancy container.

Find Free Templates to Create A Variety of Boxes

There are many places where you can find free templates for creating your own decorative gift boxes. Some of the ideas to check out are: –

Explosion box templates

This comes as a simple box with a lid. The box explodes open when the lid is removed and you can design an explosion box of any size based on the size of the gift.

Paper pyramid box templates

These are again available in many designs and you can easily expand the size of the pyramid based on the gift. There are punch holes on the flaps and you can easily tie the flaps together with a fancy twine.

Circle and square gift box template

If you are looking for a more professional looking gift box, then this is what you need. You can find perfect square and circular box designs to use.

Use construction paper or even cardstock to create a strong box to hold the gift.

Paper Bag Makeshift Gift Box

Making a gift box with a grocery paper bag is one of the easiest tricks to follow. All you have to do is to place the gift inside the paper bag and fold the top portion in an accordion fold. You can then add a bow to give it a nice finishing touch.

Paper Cone

A gift box doesn’t always have to be a cube or cuboid you can also choose some interesting shapes like a cone.

Paper cones are so easy to make and there are also some firm cones you can create with the help of a stiff paper. These are again easy to present gifts without wrapping them and they can safely hold the gift even when you have to carry them to the party in a car.

Origami Boxes

Learning the art of origami takes time and patience but once you do, there are so many pretty little things you can make from crafting paper. Among the various origami designs that people look for, paper gift boxes are some of the most popular ones.

You can find easy ways to create an origami square box with a lid or even one that comes with a pretty heart on the outside. Compare the endless choices you find in this segment and create an ornate gift box for your loved one’s birthday gift.

Paper Cup Gift Box

Paper cups are great ideas as gift boxes for the last-minute gift. If you do not have a variety of craft supplies at home, you can simply grab a paper cup and make a cute gift box out of it.

Chocolates to jewelry, a variety of gifts can fit inside a paper cup gift box. All it takes is to make small cuts on the top and punch holes in each flap and then use a string to neatly tie the flaps together. If you have some large printed party cups they look even better as a gift box.

Use an Old Box

There are several readily available boxes and cartons at home. Do not toss those small appliance boxes or even the strong boxes in which most of the smartphones are shipped. These make wonderful boxes for presenting gifts.

You can use old shoe boxes and even pizza boxes, takeaway containers and so many other cardboard boxes that lie around the house in place of a gifts box. These containers of all shapes and sizes make interesting gift boxes for all types of gifts.

People often make a big deal out of gift boxes because they can impact the aesthetics of the gift. After all, it is in the wrapping style that you can add a personalized touch to any gift you pick. These boxes also make sure that your gift, no matter what it is, stays secure till your receiver unwraps it.

With all these ideas on how to make a gift box for birthday, you can easily take your gift presentation skills to the next level.

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