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The city Nagpur as everyone knows is in the center of India. Nagpur is mainly famous for its oranges and traffic. But jokes apart Nagpur is developing very fast and the reason the different technologies it offers. Nagpur is catching the eyeballs of many companies. It has an IT park which has big IT companies. Nagpur provides a very good number of technologies in the IT sector. Let us take a look at what web services Nagpur has us to offer.

Web Services in Nagpur

There are a number of companies in Nagpur which offers various services in Nagpur. The mostly offered service is Web Designing. Web Designing includes creating a website according to the client’s needs. Different clients as different needs and there are companies which will offer what the clients want. Many a companies provide web designing services and that too on different platforms.

Logo Designing

It is another service which is very helpful and is present in Nagpur. Every client wants their logo to stand out and put across the message strongly as what the company specializes in and what they offer. Many companies are there in Nagpur which give their client the logo as the client wants. The logo designing part is important to catch the eyeballs of the people.

Website Promotion

It is the second big service which comes after Web Designing. There are ‘n’ numbers of websites. If you have your own website, then it is necessary to get recognized and generate traffic for your website. Website promotion uses digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing and gets your website recognized. Search engine optimization plays a big role when it comes to organic results. This service uses the right keyword to bring the right people to the website.

Mobile Application Development (Android and IOS)

It is an emerging service in Nagpur. Mobile application development uses mobile phones for faster services and to get more information on your mobile phones. Though there are not many companies in Nagpur which provide this service but this service is surely going to be in demand in the future to come.


Not many companies provide this service but sure there are some companies like Attrait which provides this service in Nagpur. This service includes helping out the E-Commerce website to help set up their website and everything related to it.

With the growing technologies and increasing number of companies in Nagpur there are a number of courses which can be done in Nagpur and some can also do internships courses in the companies. Let us take a look at some of the courses which can be done in Nagpur.

Courses in Nagpur

If you don’t like to go out of your comfort zone to do some courses then you can do the courses here itself in Nagpur. Nagpur provides a number of Digital Marketing Courses which you can do and get certification in Courses mainly include related to SEO, Social Media Marketing and other courses which are offered by institutes like Atlanta and Concourse and that also at a minimal cost. Students can get certified and give a boom to their careers by doing this courses.

Social Media Optimization is another course which can be done in Nagpur. Social media optimization deals with use of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity which increases the awareness of the product. Another course which is very useful u today’s scenario is Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be called as direct marketing. Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people by the means of email. Companies like Attrait Solutions, iVizion technology and Prevoyance technologies are some of the companies which specializes in this and give services related to this.

Truly, Nagpur has a lot to offer in terms of courses and as well as jobs. It will not be wrong to say that Nagpur is in the list of every big company to set their businesses here. Nagpur is truly emerging IT hub destination in the near future.

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