5 Strategies to Effortlessly Increase Your Online Presence

5 Strategies to Effortlesly Increase Your Online Presence

In the digital world, it’s sometimes quite hard to tell whether the business is reliable, which is why people use its online presence as the main metric for making the call and determining this. Still, some make a mistake in believing that by achieving an increase in traffic, they’ll make all of this come to life when in reality, the strategy and method used matter just as much. So, instead of having to go for various black-hat techniques promising you a quick online presence boost. Here are five legit strategies that are known to work and give consistent results.

Increase Your Online Presence
Increase Your Online Presence

1.      Invest in SEO

The first thing you want to do to increase your online presence is to invest in your discoverability. The most reliable way to do so is to invest in SEO. By finding the most searched unique keywords and incorporating them into your content marketing, you’ll ensure that your brand soon becomes a household name in the industry. Also, by optimizing both your on- and off-site presence, you’ll improve your SEO rank, which will ensure that you get a top spot for any relevant industry search. Needless to say, this leads to an increase in terms of the number of organic searches.

2.      Start a blog

The next idea would be to start a blog in order to develop a loyal audience, as well as build your own reputation in the digital world. The problem with blogging lies in the fact that you have two criterions to satisfy. First, you need to ensure that your blog has content that’s quality enough so that it generates customer loyalty and return visitors. Second, you need to have enough content to be taken seriously. Even the best-written content won’t impress your audience that much if they see that you only have a couple of posts tied to your blog. This is why relying on guest bloggers or even buying a blog might be a good idea.

3.      Employ offline strategies

The next thing you could do is try employing various offline strategies in order to drive more sales your way. For instance, a guerilla marketing campaign can start an avalanche of social media posts that tag your business or even generate positive brand mentions. Other than this, your business could employ a number of old-school branding strategies like using promotional materials, billboards and posters in order to display your URL or social media handles. One such poster can even be displayed in an actual office, albeit it would require different formatting, most commonly using A frame signs system or another similar method.

4.      Promote your brand on social media

Promoting your brand on social media is yet another incredible way of getting out there. You see, the majority of your audience expects to see you on networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, yet, you should also have your own YouTube channel. If your community is particularly young you might also need access to Snapchat, while advertising your products on Pinterest might also be something you should consider doing.

5.      Influencer marketing

One more method of increasing the online presence you should consider is reaching out to suitable influencers in order to have them promote your brand online. There are two metrics that you need to choose these influencers by A) social influence and B) niche authority. Getting someone to promote your brand just because they have a lot of followers is not necessarily a cost-effective idea. First of all, they’ll most likely try to use their following as leverage to get paid more. A bigger total following doesn’t necessarily mean that the influencer in question has a bigger portion of your target audience following them. This is why micro-influencers often tend to be more cost-effective.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is the fact that, when choosing the method for promoting your business online, you should always go for the most scalable of methods. What this means is that you should consider just how suitable the method that you’re using at the moment is going to be for your brand in the future. Sometimes, just by pivoting you stand to lose quite a bit, which is why you need to avoid this, if in any way possible.

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